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Véronique M, Bath, United Kingdom

 Reviewed November 12, 2016

Cosy apartment - great city centre base for a short stay.

Stayed for three nights in the ‘Cosy Studio’ at Select City Center Apartments, located in the very centre of Brasov. Although it is a small flat the layout does make good use of the space, the double bed forming a little mezzanine above the kitchenette and seating area. It does indeed have a ‘cosy’ feel, and forms a good hideaway...

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Diana Drăgan, Oradea, Romania

 Reviewed January 21, 2017

Clean, spacious, modern decorated apartament...loved it!

Raluca Mariana, Târgoviște, Romania

 Reviewed February 19, 2017

Intr-un singur cuvânt... perfect!

Constantine Buga, București, Romania

 Reviewed December 29, 2015

Ne-am simtit extraordiar in apartament. Foarte curat,liniste........O sa revenim cu placere.

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Maria Mădălina Marin, Romania

 Reviewed February 17, 2017

Totul a fost perfect!

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