What to see

Piața Sfatului - photo by Dan Dinu

Brașov highlights

In the medieval age, the aspect of Brașov must have been very much like that of any medieval town in the centre of Europe. Two centuries ago, the aspect of the town began to resemble the one it has today, the buildings bearing the stamp of the Baroque or the Viennese Rococo.
Contemporary Brașov, with a population of about 400,000 is a busy industrial, shopping, tourist and cultural centre. The geographic position and natural beauty, the great variety of the scenery and its contrasting aspects, the numberless historic and architectonic monuments make Brașov one of Romania's main centres.
Brașov serves as an access hub for the local ski field Poiana Brașov and also it's a starting point for those who are looking for mountain adventures.

Local attractions

The Council Square is the heart of the old medieval Brașov. Lined with beautiful red-roofed merchant houses, the square is one of the finest in the country.
Brașov's most important landmark, the Black Church, the largest gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul, towers over the Council Square and the old town.
Because Brașov and the surrounding region were repeatedly raided by the Turks and Tartars, the residents of Brașov decided to fortify their city by building the city walls and the Bastions. Two outer watch towers known as the Black Tower and the White Tower completed Brașov's complex fortification system. Strategically overlooking the town and the plains to North, the Citadel is also part of outer Brașov's fortification system.
The old fortification system had 5 entrance gates. Only two of them survived to tell the story of medieval Brașov, Ecaterina's Gate and Schei Gate.
One shouldn't leave Brașov without a stroll through Schei, the old Romanian district of Brașov, a neighborhood of narrow cobblestone streets and red-tiled homes dating from the XVII century . Leave the fortress area of the old city trough Schei Gate and you'll find yourself in this picturesque suburb.
Brașov is often referred to as the City at the foot of Mount Tâmpa. Mount Tâmpa is the natural landmark of Brașov and it can be seen from every corner of the city.

Where to eat

Sarmale cu mămăliguță

Traditional cuisine

Certainly, the diversity and authenticity of the gastronomic experience of this area will be unforgettable, especially for those who visit Brașov for the first time. Here are some of the local specialities: sărmăluțe (meat and rice rolled in boiled cabbage), mititei (grilled rolled meat), tochitură (stew from internal organs), ciorbă de burtă (tripe soup) or papanași (cheese doughnuts with cream and jam). The best restaurants can be found in the old town centre, in the vicinity of our apartments.

Recommended places

What to do

Dealul Lempeș - photo by Eugen Andronic

Outdoor activities

You can have the best view of Brașov from the top of Mount Tâmpa. You can reach it by the cable car or walking up one of the few paths twisting up the hill.
If you are trully looking for mountain adventures, definitely Brașov is the place to start with. Only about a 15-minutes drive from the center of Brașov, the Seven Stairs Canyon offers hikers an opportunity to see nature at one of its finest moments. Visitors to the Piatra Mare Mountains can climb ladders alongside the cascades of seven waterfalls, the tallest of which is 20m tall.

Just 12 km away from Brașov city, in a glade surrounded by coniferous forests, at the foot of the Postăvaru Massif, you will find Romania's most famous skiing resort, Poiana Brașov. If you are looking for skiing in Romania, you wont get better value for money.
If you love sport climbing, you can have a day at the crag in the nearby Tâmpa Crag and Solomon's Rocks natural area, or if you prefer traditional alpine routes, go to the Râșnoavei's Gorge (30-minutes drive) where there are lots of beautifull classic routes and a bungee-jumping facility, one of the highest in Eastern Europe.

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